Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iowa River Rescue

The UK's Telegraph had a great article and pictures regarding a story about a husband and wife who, while on the Des Moines River, experienced an unfortunate turn of events when their boat capsized leaving them both to weather the cold water and harsh, rapidly moving waters. When they were found, the husband had died and the wife was only alive due to her life jacket.

The most moving part of this story is the rescue of the woman who was noticed be a group of construction workers who created a makeshift harness from chain and rope and then lowered Jason Oglesbee down to the woman using a crane. Jason was able to grab the woman and transport her to the safety of a rescue raft beyond the dangers of the turbulent waters at the base of a dam. That's some wonderfully quick thinking and fascinating ingenuity from those construction workers!

Jason Oglesbee is seen here pulling the woman from the water.