Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Before we get to the real reason most of you check my blog, I want to just mention that over this past weekend some friends of the wife and me went out to San Diego for Comic-Con. They had a great time and got to meet some awesome people. First off, a former professor, Dr. Travis Langley (also known as "Papa Llama" at Rocket, was part of an academic panel which discussed the psychopathy of The Joker (Batman's nemesis). As part of the awesomeness that was this panel, the Joker's creator Jerry Robinson and producer of The Dark Knight, Michael Ulsan, both met with Dr. Langley and others to discuss whether the Joker met the criteria to be a psychopath and if he was insane. The real surprise of the event showed up on request of Dr. Langley himself: Adam West.

Yes, Dr. Langley now has Batman's cell phone number. It's some really great reading if you'll head over to Rocket Llama's site and read on from there. He also talks about getting to meet Lou Ferrigno again (in the company of Adam West) and how Dr. Langley's son, Alex, got to chat briefly with Stan Lee! Additionally, one of the gems of the Rocket Llama gang, Action Flick Chick was busy busy at Comic-Con interviewing various writers, artists, and other personalities on topics such as the worst superpower. She's another piece of the awesome team that makes up Rocket Llama and Marko's Corner (Marko had a bit of fun himself taking a bus from Arkansas to San Diego). Anyway, I bring this all up because it's just freaking awesome, and it is relevant to today's Happy Wednesday pics as they are all Cosplay beauties via Comic-Con. So, here they are...enjoy!