Thursday, July 16, 2009

Word of the Day: Mansuetude


Pronunciation: \ˈman(t)-swi-ˌtüd, man-ˈsü-ə-, -ˌtyüd\

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin mansuetudo, from mansuescere to tame, from manus hand + suescere to accustom; akin to Greek ēthos custom

Date: 14th century
Definition: the quality or state of being gentle (meekness; tameness)

And as is now the usual, here is the Google Images image for the daily word, mansuetude. Yes, mastiffs are generally known to be gentle dogs, so that is the reason the owner of this dog actually gave it the name Mansuetude. It's a beautiful dog, and I would love to have either a mastiff or a newfoundland any day! They're beautiful, loyal, and large!!