Monday, July 6, 2009

Threats and a MMA Fighter: Manly Monday!

Antoni Hardonk, MMA fighter, seen on the left

In life, whether you are an honest and reputable person or not, there are some things you should never attempt. One of those is detailed in the following story I found through Five Ounces Of Pain. It involves armed robbery, a bit of MMA, and a large dose of stupidity.

First, let me ask a question: if you were looking to thieve a quick buck would you attempt to do so by approaching a guy who stands at 6'4" and looks to hit the scale at about 250? Of course not! Even if there are three of you, it'd be much easier to find just some average Joe walking about than someone like Antoni Hardonk, but the three misguided miscreants decide that they would approach Hardonk asking for money. When Hardonk came up empty handed, one of the three pulled out a homemade, two-inch shank. Really?! And right in front of the Los Angeles airport!

Mr. Hardonk obviously questioned the hardiness and guts of the three assailants and when they demanded his billfold, he simply said, "Come get it." They then went running like rats! Hardonk, thinking that to be the end, entered a car with his attorney, but as they started to pull away, he noticed the trio holding up another gentleman and then steal a purse from a woman. Wrong move guys, but then you don't think much do you?

The first two harassing the man never saw Hardonk as he bullrushed them and knocked them to the concrete, and Hardonk continued after the third, escaping with the purse, until the assailant wisely dropped the loot to escape Hardonk. For once, a smart choice. Hardonk retrieved the purse and returned it to the woman. While the trio eventually escaped by hopping a fence, they are lucky to escape with so few injuries. Perhaps they will be more cautious next time. I mean, wouldn't you rather just accept minimum wage now rather than risk running into another someone like Antoni Hardonk?

And, as I finish this post, I have come up with Monday's topic: Manly Mondays! Where I'll do my best to bring stories about random acts of manliness! Belch, swear, and drink a cold one or two: it's Monday!