Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farting Bull Crushes Madoff

BBC News posted this photo and caption recently. I thought it was too good to pass up, especially with all the attention to detail, so enjoy.

"Chinese artist Chen Wenling critiques the global financial crisis in What You See Might Not Be Real, on display at a Beijing gallery. The bull is said to represent Wall Street, while the man pinned to the wall represents jailed financier Bernard Madoff."

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

100 Greatest Hits of YouTube

Do you have 3.5 minutes free? Do you like funny or interesting YouTube videos?

Coming to you previously recorded from the blog Today on the Interwebs via Hadoukentheband on YouTube. I present the 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 4 Minutes!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Action in Pittsburgh: G20 Police

I've been following the action and protests in Pittsburgh off and on for the last day or so, and I thought that with so much coverage, I would include a little bit of it here. Here are a few videos of some of the extremes the police are going to during their "riot protection." I understand that there is a fear of escalation which the police are trying to curtail, and I also know that as much as they are following orders, mobs have their own group mentality. Still, the incidents with the bike girl and the riot police in the stairwell/bridge were a bit over the top. I don't know, but watch and decide for yourself.

And there's one last video over on the BBC's website is just another good example of the action taking place. I think the hugging man was well meant, but not the right place and time to do something like that. He should have expected the cops to take it as an attack (which they did).

*Edit: It has also been noted from another university student that those riot police had been on campus all day expecting to see some action, so I can imagine that with a rising stress levels and warm temperatures, there are going to be some who go over the top. While this is no excuse, it is important during these times to see that we are all human.

People make mistakes, and if we are going to improve anything, there cannot be the "us vs. them" mentality which was created by both protesters and police officers. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed the video with WeAreChange the most. The guy tried to relate to the police, and while the protesters were still run off, I'd like to think that his appeals were the reason for a comparably non-violent end with the LRAD rather than with tear gas and violence.

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Dedication: STAT!

This will be a short post, but I had been cycling through photos (via The Boston Globe's website) of the flooding in the Alabama-Georgia-Tennessee area where there has been quite a bit of damage when I found this beauty:

My wife and friend immediately asked, "Why are all those people watching that woman wade through that water?"

Then I saw the caption which reads, "Ruxandra Tocito braves a flooded road to head to her nursing job at Emory Hospital from her subdivision, which was cut off due to flooding from heavy rains, in Lawrenceville, Georgia September 22, 2009. (REUTERS/Tami Chappell)"

That is an amazing and dedicated woman.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

There's not a lot on the topic of the upcoming new Pirates movie, but MTV has a small interview clip with actor Geoffrey Rush. I originally came across the MTV article and video through Film School Rejects: my main source for news and updates on all things regarding film and acting.

A direct quote from MTV's site:

"Said Rush to Josh Horowitz: 'They're waiting for the screenplay writers to put together something that's beyond the trilogy, take it off into a new direction so that it's fresh and hopefully really interesting for an audience, that they're not going to just sausage-machine out something else, which wouldn't be so good.'"
I really enjoyed the trilogy, for better and worse, and there were plenty of big name actors that made the trilogy for me. I loved the evolution between the characters' relationships and am excited for this new direction which Rush mentioned. It'll be inspiring to see something which deviates from the amusement park ride even more and hopefully will continue the evolution in character development.

Most importantly, I'm excited to see if the great cast returns for the next installment. I know Rush has been told to keep his calendar clear; perhaps to begin filming as early as Spring 2010. We'll see what happens, but for now, head on over to MTV for the full interview.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

It's that wonderful time again! Ah, Wednesday, we hardly knew thee, but you left us some wonderfully sweet pictures! Again, I draw from Co-Ed Magazine for this post, but it is a celebration of Oktoberfest! That's right! There's nothing quite so awesome as women, sausages and beer! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Therapeutic Tuesday!

I love ukuleles! What I didn't know, is that there is an actual Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain! I don't know about you, but that was enough to brighten my mood today which is why this video has been chosen for Therapeutic Tuesday: because you can always use a little more ukulele in your life.

This video comes via the Geeks are Sexy blog which I really enjoy, and I agree completely with Natania Barron's theory there: "I believe it is impossible to remain sad in the presence of a ukulele...Taking out that lovely, rustic brown baritone ukulele and strumming–even just a few chords–just does something to me. It makes me happy. It makes me smile." And while I can't play the ukulele, listening to one gives me a similar effect. I love that little stringed wonder!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Best Friend Ever.

Guys, would you wear a lime green dress to your friend's funeral? This story comes to us via The Chive.

Long time friends Barry Delaney and Kevin Elliott had a standing agreement that whichever of them were to pass away first, the other would wear a hot pink dress with green spots. When private Kevin Elliott died during his service in Afghanistan, best friend Barry Delaney kept the agreement as best he could, wearing a green dress instead with bright pink socks. That's real friendship.

To quote Barry:

“Kev was like my brother – we would have done anything for each other.
We said that whoever died first, the other one had to wear a pink dress with green spots to the funeral – and we shook on it. It was mainly his idea and the more I think about it, I’m sure Kevin knew something was going to happen.
I looked for the exact dress but couldn’t find one anywhere.
I eventually picked up the green one in Primark and bought the pink pop socks to make it look even sillier. It’s what Kev would have wanted.
Kev told his whole family about the pact, so I couldn’t back out. I had a word with him at the graveside and asked if he liked the color – I’m sure I could hear laughter coming out of the ground.
Kev was a true hero and someone I’m proud to call my best mate.”

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great PSA Video

I came across this marriage equality PSA video on another blog I follow: Today on the Interwebs. It's a pretty great video, and for me, it puts a more personal touch on the issue.

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Happy Wednesday!

Great photos this week...again from Co-Ed Magazine Online. As always, you know there's plenty more where these came from, so head on over to Co-Ed if you didn't get enough!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazon.de, or Why We Don't Mess With Germans

It's a late Sunday night. I'm sitting at home finishing up the Lord of the Ring trilogy with the wife and friends after having played a rousing session of the Shadowrun 4th edition RPG. I open my laptop, go to reddit and find a link to Amazon's German website, to an aluminum bat. This aluminum bat.

Yep, just an ordinary aluminum bat, but when you scroll down to the heading: "Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch", or in English: "Customers Who Bought this Item Also Bought". This brings me to my title, which is more than appropriate, and these following items.

Leather gloves, a ski mask, and some pepper spray?! Are you kidding me?! That is why we don't mess with the Germans...they don't mess around! I mean, what do we Americans purchase when they buy an aluminum bat? Hmmm, I don't know, but let's find out!

Seriously? That's right, we buy batting gloves, a baseball tote bag, and...two-ply?! Really? What in baseball reminds you of the need to use the bathroom? Nevermind, I don't want to know but, I do know that I'll never take on a German by myself...especially at a Little League game!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Continued WTF this Friday!

Wow, so this gem comes from the blog FY where their tag line is "The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous." Well, this definitely feeds the brain.

The fish, I believe (according to Wikipedia), is a spotted rose snapper and that beauty of a parasite in its mouth is Cymothoa exigua. This little guy swims into the fish's mouth through a gill, attaches itself to the tongue, and through the use of its claws on the front three leg pairs, it feeds off of the host's blood until eventually the fish tongue becomes so atrophied that it falls off.

This is where the cool part happens. The parasite then attaches itself to fish with claws via the base of the former tongue. The fish can then use the parasite just like a regular tongue, and it is believed that there is no further damage inflicted to the host as the parasite now feeds off either the host's blood or off of the fish's mucus. Pretty interesting, no?

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WTF Friday!: Screaming Woman, Running Man

This is a great video. Apparently, some small town incident near a bar brought out the reporters, and this lady is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. Then some man ruins her day. Her solution? Run after him screaming. It's hilarious; I couldn't stop laughing! Enjoy!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Action Flick Chick on Attack of the Show!

So, I've mentioned RocketLlama.com a couple times here and on my facebook page, and I've talked about Action Flick Chick once or twice, but this is just amazingly awesome! Katrina Hill, aka Action Flick Chick, was on Attack of the Show on G4 last night for her coverage on the Dallas Comic-Con, and while I wasn't able to see the actual show, here's the video from G4's website. She's just awesome, and I'm glad that she got this great opportunity. You deserved it Katrina, and keep up the awesome work! The video's below, but you should check out her site: ActionFlickChick.com.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Age of Heroes and Villains

Yes, today is a day of multiple posts. If you don't like it, then just wait a day or two. I'm sure I'll stop writing as much, but for now, the site Artsy Time has a great collection of illustrations showing what superheroes and villains might look like in their old age. Some of them are just fantastic, but I love Wolverine! Enjoy!

I tried to show you a couple of them here for an example of the great artwork, but Artsy Time didn't like that. You should definitely go check their stuff out though because it's awesome!

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Older People Rock!

Like everyone else, I have several blogs that I follow on a regular basis and a few that I check just every now and again. Dave Hingsburger's blog, "Rolling Around in my Head," was discovered about a week ago as I was perusing the random blogs on blogger.com. He shares the story below which I felt was way too hilarious not to share. He titles his entry "A New Meaning for OT," but I like my title just as well!

Prepare to introduce your jaw to the floor.

My week of encounters with elderly folks continues. (Warning: coarse language ... post will not be to everyone's taste.) We arrived in Vancouver at the hotel where I'll be working tomorrow. After finding a parking spot we got to the elevator and waited beside a woman of considerable age and, judging by her clothing, considerable wealth. She glanced a hello to us, we glanced back. Subtle social interactions really are in my skill set though many would disbelieve.

The elevator openned and there were two youths, maybe 15 or 16, slouching against the wall. The woman said to them, is this elevator going up or down. One of them said through a sneer, "Don't be so retarded, this is the bottom floor." She said, sweetly, "Oh, dear, I didn't know." It was a large elevator so we were all able to get on.

Just as the door closed she looked at the boy who had spoken and said, "If you wanted to be both accurate and offensive you should have said, 'old twat'. You see, I clearly don't have a developemental disability, so something about my gender would have made more sense. Maybe, 'Droopy tits' or 'Wrinkle puss' those would have worked too. You see when you speak you don't want to be considered foolish."

The boys stared at her, horrified, I was dumbstruck, Joe turned vermillion. She wasn't done, "I understand the need to express anger or disapproval, I just wish you kids would be a little more rigourous with your name calling." The door opened and she called after them, "Remember, 'Old Twat' works too."

The door closed and she looked at us and said, "I'm sorry about that but I hate that word that he used. I always like to get them back."

When she got off we saw her walk away with a spring in her step.

I have a new hero.

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Techknow Thursday!

According to the wonderful people over at Gizmodo, apparently NASA has been able to create a small anti-gravity field, giving them the ability to levitate mice and other small rodents.

So far, they haven't been able to create anything larger in size, but that is a hopeful eventuality. The true technological amazingness about this entire system is that it relies on supermagnets to push on the water in the body of the rats, allowing them to rise. That' s awesome, but what's even more amazing is that they were able to do this at room temperature instead of needing an extremely cold environment for this to function.

Additionally, the rats apparently began trying to move after being lifted which caused the rat's to spin. Without friction, they would just spin faster and faster causing the rodents to become disoriented. In order to counter this, the second batch of rats were sedated, so NASA has now successfully levitated and drugged mice...all in the name of science! I personally agree with Gizmodo: I want to see some hoverboards, and soon!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend for Labor Day; I know the wife and I enjoyed spending time with friends over the weekend, especially on Monday. We had some delicious food and wonderful gameplay with our friends here in Fayetteville. There's just nothing quite like chargrilled burgers and brats with fabulous Whole Hog's potato salad. Delicious! But, it's now Wednesday and that means it's a whole new set of beauties for the gandering, so enjoy as you finish up your work day!

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Belated Wednesday!

Well, I've been a bit distracted the past couple of days with interviews and the like, but I have some time to update today, so we'll start with some beauties from Co-Ed Magazine. These are some wonderful redheads, so enjoy!

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