Thursday, July 2, 2009

Techknow Thursday!

Yesterday as I was posting the weekly Happy Wednesday post, it occured to me to start having different themes for different days. As it so happens, I recently came across this post which made me think. I already have a few ideas for Monday, and now Thursdays will be Techknow Thursdays meaning each week I'll do my best to bring you, my wonderful readers, an interesting article regarding Technology or Science with most of the articles leaning more towards the tech side than the science.

However, there is still Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be wrangled in with a topic, so that's where you all come in: leave a comment with a topic you'd like to see here and I'll try to fit it in!

Now, to start this Techknow Thursday off right, here's a gem that comes from Panasonic: a Dish Washing Robot! That's right! Oh wait, except instead of washing dishes, it simply rinses them and loads them into a dishwasher for you. Thus, if you're too lazy to even load your dishwasher there is now yet another useless piece of junk to load those dishes leaving you that extra ten minutes to pop some popcorn before The Apprentice or any other horrible reality TV show starts (yeah, I'm talking to you American Idol!).

Below is a short video and some pictures (courtesy of DeviceGuru) of the robotic monstrosity at work: