Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Text and Drive

Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle received a concussion after running his car off the road and into an Austin, TX apartment building Monday. Wow, when are people going to learn that you should text if you are driving. This article reminded me of an accident I avoided just last week because a gentleman was more concerned with reading his bank statement or something than with keeping his vehicle in his own lane. I know I've been guilty of it too, so I'll say this: I'll give up reading and driving if everyone else will. I know it will be difficult, and I may have to start my own SDA group (Stupid Drivers Anonymous). But I'm willing to take an extra five or ten seconds from now on to pull over if I want to read something or check an appointment or billing statement.

Please, for the sake of the children, if you are going to read, don't drive.*

*This public service announcement brought to you by a reformed member of the non-existent Stupid Drivers Anonymous and by the equally fictitious Brothers Against Dumb Drivers coalition. Paid for by no one because this blog is free and there are hardly any readers as it is. I mean, seriously, who's leg does a guy have to hump anyway to get more readers? Seth MacFarlane, please don't sue me for borrowing your line. Thank you.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

For All You Heavy Sleepers Out There...

Wow, so aside from the fact that this guy needs to get out a bit more and socialize, this is a fantastic alarm clock! I know a few people who could use it! For those of you who aren't able to view the video, this guy rigged an air compressor to his clock, computer, and bed so that when the clock reaches the time at which he needs to wake up, the computer sends signals to some motors, an air compressor, and some sort of hydraulic jacks or something. Anyway, the point of all this gadgetry is to move and shake the bed up and down in a rigorous, jarring action to wake the occupant. No one would be able to sleep through it!

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How to Catch a Fish with Bare Hands

One of my "eventually-in-the-future" dreams is to go Deep Sea Fishing. Just once I'd like to go out on the ocean and endure the fight it takes to snag a large Marlin or something similar, but this guy goes to the extreme! While I'm sure it works just fine, I think I'll stay in a boat or on land when I fish thank you!

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Not Your Father's Potato Gun!

Again, from the halls of Neatorama, here's a great video showing off a DIY Weekend Project: The Potato Gattling Gun! Awesomeness this is...awesomeness in the making!

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A-Z: The Alphabet of Awesomeness

I originally stumbled upon this through the great folks at Neatorama, but Neill Cameron is reworking the entire alphabet through art! So far he's wrangled up "Aztecs in Atomic Armour Attack Anomolous Amphibians" through "Peter Parker Playing Ping-Pong with Pikachu!" It's great and I can only be patient while he finishes the rest, but you should definitely check out his site!

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Yet Another One-Minute Write-Up

Writing Prompt: "Think about the most attractive person you know. What is it that makes them so attractive to you?"

Being married, most men are going to go with the obligatory "wife" answer and state reasons for why they love their spouses. Well, who am I to go against the majority? But the reason I choose my wife for this post is that she really is the person I find most attractive. This is the cue to begin mushy-ness.

The reason I find my wife most attractive is because she's awesome (in that Eddie Izzard, "one hundred billion hot dogs" awesomeness)!! She is extremely intelligent and has a wit to rival many, but most of all I find her attractive because I can be myself around her. She doesn't judge and she feels at home with me (which is really good considering we're married and everything--that's a bit hard to get over I hear).

Seriously, she may be intelligent, witty, beautiful, and a great cook/seamstress/etc., but it is her ability to allow me to let loose my stress and frustration with the world in her presence that makes her most attractive. For those of you who haven't found that special someone, here's a tidbit from me: don't look for that "Love at First Sight" or "Soulmate" bunk, but do find someone who will be your friend and allow you to be yourself always. That's the ticket to happiness in marriage and boy howdy am I a happy man!!

*Edit: For those of you not familiar with the Eddie Izzard reference, I've now included a short video:

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Keeping Gender a Secret

In Sweden, two parents (both 24) have decided to keep the gender of their child "Pop" (not the child's real name) a secret to everyone except a few who have helped change diapers. The reason they are doing this?

“We want Pop to grow up more freely and avoid being forced into a specific gender mould from the outset,” Pop’s mother said. “It's cruel to bring a child into the world with a blue or pink stamp on their forehead.” (quote from The Local: Sweden's News in English)

As many have known for years, sex and gender are two very different things and while the sex of a person can't be changed without surgery, there have been many studies in psychology, sociology, psychiatry, etc. to show that gender is a fluid aspect in a person (especially when young). I think it's a wonderful thing these parents are doing to allow their child to choose what Pop wants to be as Pop ages, although Pop may encounter a fair number of snags along the way as Pop enters school and especially when puberty hits. But, as long as the parents continue supporting Pop emotionally and as long as Pop can handle a bit of teasing (which will soon wear off as kids go), then this could revolutionize theories in child gender development.

This will be one of those cases I will attempt to keep a close eye on for many years to come. It is difficult growing up in America as a non-traditional gendered child. I feel that as we have been in the 21st century for some time now, our thoughts and biases should start vanishing. I know this is but a dream and I have had my own battles with stereotypes (thanks to the wife and a friend, C, I have become more aware of what I say). Maybe as the world becomes even more connected some biases and discrimination will fade into the past. Here's hoping!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Grrr-ing in the Land

:Begin Rant:

So, the wife and I have moved to Fayetteville. She has started school, and I have officially found a job but unofficially it hasn't quite started. This has been a month since we have moved up here, and frankly, I'm getting more and more nervous. There are bills beginning to hit us, and money is on short order. Not only that, but it is summer and a new city. There is much fun to be had, and we are unable to take advantage of said fun. More importantly though, money is needed to pay bills and if this job doesn't start soon, I'm not sure what I'll do (besides rip my hair out from going stir-crazy).

I love this place, and a lot of the people here have been helpful, open and accepting to the wife and me. I really appreciate that, but I need a job. Really, I'm the type of person that enjoys being at work in spite of everything. It gives me added purpose and fuels my need to be the "responsible breadwinner." I know that there is a lot more to life, but that "lot more" starts looking bleak when viewing it with no funds available. Yeah, yeah, I know, suck it up. I will and I know things will get better. There is a lot worse out there; I'm just frustrated due to the hurry-up-and-wait-ness of it all.

And while I know that there is a great job waiting on me, the state of Arkansas sure does take it's sweet time in shuffling papers and approving forms! It has nothing to do with the local office up here...they've been great in answering my calls and reassuring me the job is still mine. Heck, they need me to start as much as I want to start! The red tape in Little Rock is holding it up though! If anyone from Little Rock is reading this: Please, rush that paperwork so I can start working!

:End Rant:

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Happy Belated Wednesday!

So, this week I've been a little slow on the updates, and I'm sure that some of you thought I had forgotten Happy Wednesday...nope. I'm just a couple days late. Here you are, this week only, Happy Wednesday on a Friday(as always, Happy Wednesdays are a tribute to EvilDM where the idea was first born)!

First up, Los Angeles hosted the 2009 DUB show with some wonderful cars and equally beautiful models!

And, as if that isn't plenty of happiness for you, here's a bit more: over at Co-Ed Magazine there is a great competition gearing up, so go and vote!

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The Daily Show and Jon Stewart

This is why I love The Daily Show and Jon Stewart...he calls out both sides equally. I cannot believe that the White House is using Jon Stewart as the reason for continuing to hide state secrets including visitors to the White House. WTF?! Oh well, enjoy!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Cheney Predacted
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJason Jones in Iran

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Happy Wednesday!

To start off, Co-Ed Magazine has announced their Miss Co-Ed for June 2009, Miss Marzia Prince. So, congrats Miss Prince, you can see her full bio and many more pictures via the link.

On a similar note, College Humor, I have recently discovered offers their own nice ladies, here's the "College Girl of Today" from yesterday, Kayla (today's has not been posted yet).

And as I enjoy keeping my readers happy, just in case, here's one more beautiful lady: Tori. Enjoy gents and ladies!

And remember folks, make sure to wish everyone you know to have a Happy Hump Day!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Being Married Is Great!

“We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.” - Marilyn Manson

As a preface for this story I am about to tell, last week I called around town, Fayetteville, AR, to find which, if any, dry cleaners also did mending. I had a pair of pants in need of a hem and the wife had two pairs of jeans in need of mending. I finally contacted Comet Cleaners on College Avenue (same plaza as Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, and Atlanta Bread Co.) and the lady, Shirleen, said they sent out to a lady for mending at $5 per job...that meant around $20 depending on how bad the pants were. The next day, I took the three pairs of pants to Comet Cleaners and turned them in for mending which would take a week, I could return today, Monday June 15, to pick them up.

Now, we needed the pants, so having only a few dollars to budget carefully, I deemed this $20 a necessary expense. Gotta have clothes, I mean, no one wants to see my overweight body running around naked!

*shudders at the thought*

So, anyhow, I return today to pick them up and I discover the bill to be $45! How?! So, the attendant has the manager come and explain the store's policy that every mended garment is also dry-cleaned and pressed which totals the extra $20 (plus tax of course). 'This is madness!' I thought and explained to him that I was told $20-ish and nothing about the extra dry-cleaning or pressing. We argued a bit, and I simply thought, 'well, I got screwed over," and told him I'd have to wait until Friday to pay for them.

I then went and retrieved a sick and tired wife from class and explained the bit about the pants, and, in a fashion that would only suit someone of German-Irish background, her eyes spark into a green, glowing fire after which she states with a smooth tone, "Let me talk to them, " as a small smile creeps across her lips.

We arrive at Comet Cleaners where I asked her would she like some company (knowing well that she would not). She says no and walks in. The poor chap behind the counter, a regular attendant, calmly and mousely explains that his manager would not return for thirty minutes. She nods and comes back to the car explaining to me the same message. No sooner had she shut the door than did Mr. Manager, Richard, come walking past our car into the store. I pointed him out to her and she exited with an extra spring in her step (must have been those Lucky Charms!).

She asks to speak to Richard, and explains to him the mix up (at this point she was still nice and calm). No sooner had the words, "we were charged..." left my wife's lips did he point at an 8" x 11" paper taped to the wall and say, "it's all posted there."

Wrong answer buddy. This is the weird mystical part of the story where my wife vanishes and she channels her mother. She immediately points out that this "posted notice" is not visible from the drive-thru, and that it is poor business not to explain up front that the "A La Carte Cleaning and Pressing" is automatically added to every tab. She goes on to request a copy of the receipt to review it. He does so in a fit of ire (mind you, my wife is almost always quiet and calm and allows many people to take advantage of her gentle nature, this is one of those rare moments where you do not want to continue trying to pull the wool over: sorry Richard).

She eventually gets a receipt and he says something to the effect that he'll refund the $15 for mending but it's still $45. What?! Where did that get pulled from? She then (precious little darling) calmly takes a piece of paper from her pocket and teaches him his simple math once more: $5 + $5 +$14 (for my hem and mend) = $24, not $45. Mind you, of course, this is all at the front counter with customers watching intently. After that, he just shuffles some paper, runs to a calculator and back, takes her twenty dollar bill and gives her a ten back all the while shooing her (yes, hand motions and all) out the door saying, "you'll take your business elsewhere from now on!"

Her sweet reply, "oh yes, and we'll make sure to tell the Chamber of Commerce to do so also. Thank you!"

Marilyn Manson explains in his autobiography that society has certain expectations and there are certain, definite codes of dress and behavior. Well, I bet Richard didn't count on a girl in pig tails, flip flops, and a t-shirt to make him look that ignorant! The only thing she said as she put the pants in our car and got in was, "is that going to hurt my karma?" No, because I feel that cleaners had it coming for shady business. Kudos!

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President Obama meets with the AMA

The president, as mentioned in my earlier post, met with members of the AMA today to discuss the public option for health care reform. There was a lot of interesting points made on both sides of the table and ABC News, via Yahoo!, has a pretty good video explaining what the new health care plan would offer using an analogy regarding the Federal Postal Service.

Essentially, the president wants to offer some type of government-run coverage the some 45 to 50 million Americans currently without health insurance. They explain in the video that it would be like the current insurance companies are akin to UPS, FedEx, and DHL where as the new government insurance would be like the Federal Postal Service: it will get the job done for basic yearly checkups and such, but for the quicker, "shinier" services and options, you'd need to have a private plan. This sounds pretty good, but I want to hear and see the guts of this plan before I decide for sure.

And the AMA brought up some very valid points with the main discussion revolving around malpractice suits. Many doctors, good doctors, are constantly, vigilantly looking over their shoulders for lawyers and suits because so many Americans (probably less than we think due to media exagerrations) have become greedy. I loathe stories where people, hospitals, and doctors are sued because they couldn't do the impossible and the "victim" can no longer live the life he/she once lived. Juries need to be reigned. I fully understand that there are malpractice suits that are fully substantiated and should be pursued fully, but I agree 100% with the AMA that something needs to be done about petty law suits where the "victim" is lucky to be alive thanks to the doctor yet wins thanks to a jury's pity party.

Also, I think the government needs to be really careful how they handle this because it can end up costing those private insurance purchasers even more than it does now if the public option does not receive the attention and oversight necessary to create a balance for everyone, and the AMA and government need to work together to decide "necessary practices and procedures" or this has the possibility of backfiring in a big way. Funding oversight needs to be meticulous...like locking a team of CPAs in a room once a month to keep a constant review of spending. This cannot go the way of the bailout money or there will be nothing left.

Either way, I truly look forward to reading and hearing more as this issue progresses. I like the bold stance the president has taken, so let's see how Big Pharma and Big Insurance bite back!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The AMA vs. Congress, etc.

There have been a myriad of articles and blogs regarding the AMA and their impact on national health care recently revving up for the meeting in Chicago this Monday, but these two are some of the better ones, but I have included several for your reading pleasure.

I am still withholding my opinion about it all until I actually hear what the president and Congress offer as a public option. I will say this: the big opponent to this will not be physicians, it will be the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. There's big money being made there, the guys in charge are not going to accept change easily, so voice your opinions now and often to allow your senators and representatives to know what we want. In essence, speak now or forever hold you peace.

One thing is certain, though, this is going to be a complex and messy battle. I understand where the AMA is coming from, but I also understand this country needs a public option. Let's hope there is a good and productive compromise which will offer real changes and affordable healthcare for many more Americans.

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Updates for the Election in Iran

So, here is a pretty good video from the BBC on the election and violence in Iran. I applaude the BBC for staying in there and getting the stories; CNN has received some flak for not getting the news, but they're getting better. Found this video at Donklephant, and despite the name, a pretty informative post.

Also, according to The Daily Dish, apparently an Ayatollah (forgive me, I don't know as much as I should about Iran's government...but learning) has dissented and said the election results are illegitimate and has called out Ahmadinejad for it. We'll see how all this ends up...time will tell.

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Thomas Edison: Early Video

I don't know if it's Edison on the bicycle, but this is one of the earliest videos of a man doing some pretty good bike tricks. In a suit. That's awesome. It's taken from a fellow blogger: Vitjan.

Update: I, for one, wouldn't call it the first bike trick ever, but I didn't make the video. We'll leave that for Wikipedia or someone else to sort out.

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More from Reddit and Twitter.

Apparently, as noted in the last post, I can find just about anything from reddit, but this is on more of a somber topic: Iran. Now, I'm not here to rant this time. Take it for what you will; whether we should care or not about the voting, democracy is unstable at best sometimes. Especially in Iran, but it is refreshing to see that even when you disagree with someone or some group, there are some people who keep a mind open and actually show compassion. This is perhaps, one of the more sobering pictures from the Iran voting violence. I originally found it at The Daily Dish, though I repost it here for my few readers to see. The man in black is riot officer who is obviously worn out and the man in green, his protector, is one of the rioters. Obviously he has enough humanity in him to make sure the cop is taken from harms way as he can barely hold himself up.

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Redditors Post the Darndest Things!

Every now and again...okay, more often than I like to admit, I peruse the likes of reddit.com and fark.com to find out what the general consensus of the internet is. Believe it or not, you can see amazing trends and similarities between reddit, fark, and digg even if there are some haters and competitors in the mix. Many times, the same blog posts, twitter feeds, stories, videos, and pictures will appear on all three sites. It's wonderful from the stand point of being able to follow the popular stories, etc.

Every once in a while, though, there pops up a picture or video which just makes you ask, why? Here is such a picture.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Wednesday...Again Already?!

As started last week, here is yet another installment of goodness as a tribute to the EvilDM! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Oh, and make sure to click over to COED Magazine to vote for June's Co-Ed of the Month!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

An Expansion of a Thought

I, in my time waiting to start this new job, have begun or continued reading several books which have called to me to read. This may sound a bit strange as it goes against that sage advice of not judging a book by its cover, but many times, when deciding what I should read next I tend to simply peruse the titles and select the one or two which seem to say “pick me.”

In this, I have just recently completed the first of a series and started the second: Tarnsman of Gor and Outlaw of Gor. The series, written by John Norman, follows a sci-fi/fantasy type scenario of a Counter Earth, and upon starting the second book, a quote struck me:

“'This is a great city,' said Cabot, 'and yet it is not loved.'How many are

there here who would die for this city? How many who would defend to the

death its perimeters? How many who would submit to torture on its behalf?'

…'This city is not loved,' he said. 'Or it would not be used as it is, kept

as it is.'”

After reading this passage, I paused and began thinking back on the history of the world when a city would be under attack, the men (and many times the women and children too) would take up arms to protect their city no matter the size or status it may have. Even a small village held the greatest importance to those who called that place home.

Now, especially in the United States, the city’s own people degrade and abuse the very city which they call home. No one has pride or care for their home city and perhaps this is due partly to the lack of influence many people feel they have.

I have argued, on more than one occasion, that if we, as citizens of a city, state, and country, seek change in anything then it is we who have to voice our opinion and in the manner which makes a difference. It cannot simply be that we vote for a presidential candidate every four years or even for our Senators and Representatives. For change to truly begin, you must discover the date and times of town hall meetings. Start there and attend. Voice your opinion, but if you open your mouth, speak with an informed voice.

Although it means a bit more work on your part, obtain the topics to be discussed, and perform a bit of research on whatever topic(s) interests you. Do your homework so that in the meeting you can back your opinion with valid facts. This is the real forum of change. Take interest in your home and it will pay back with dividends.

Care that your city wishes to charge business owners for graffiti on the businesses’ walls because that will affect you in rising costs in merchandise or services rendered. Show interest in area events so that the city mayor and aldermen will notice what events attract more of a following. There are staff members which track the numbers of pretty much every city-sponsored event so if you enjoyed something, say so! A quick letter will show the city officials that you care and are aware of their actions.

Call me silly, old-fashioned, or just overly optimistic, but I still believe that the common citizen can make a difference, if only at home. And if only at home, that difference will hopefully inspire other "everyday" citizens to make changes in their small area of impact. See where this could lead? Over time, more and more changes would take place and hopefully, once again, the government would respond more timely to its citizens and care more about them than lobbyists or "big business."

Lastly, remember Shawshank's Andy and his letters? It took two letters a week for years before that prison even got an expanded library! So, yes, there is a recession; yes, it will take a lot of work to change the status quo; yes, it will be slow going. All that should mean though, is that if it means something to You, then You better start sending those letters now!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

In Memory of David Carradine

David Carradine, pictured above, was found dead today in Bangkok and according to Yahoo! sources, he "appeared to have hanged himself in a suite at the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel."

I just don't see this actor, whom I first remember seeing in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, hanging himself. The article remarks that Carradine's management company felt the same way which is why the body will be autopsied. I'm not a huge conspiracy guy, but Carradine never put across sentiments that would have led to him hanging himself.

His niece, Martha Plimpton, remarked, "'my Uncle David was a brilliantly talented, fiercely intelligent and generous man. He was the nexus of our family in so many ways, and drew us together over the years and kept us connected.'"

I just hope that his family is able to stay close and are able to make it through this in one piece. I feel that if anything, his memories might be able to put a bit of a lighter mood in the air, and if he was killed, may his assailant be found and tried.

Rest in peace, Mr. Carradine. You were always a hero and a strong, positive influence, especially in the realm of Hollywood.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Honor of a Great Blog: The Lair of the Evil DM

The DM of Lair of the Evil DM always does a "Happy Wednesday!" post, and since I enjoy them and enjoy just reading his blog in general, I thought I'd post a couple of pics out of courtesy and say, "Thank You Evil DM!" I must say, I love a lady in corsets, and this actually fits in with the Sherlock Holmes theme since Rachel McAdams plays a lovely corset-wearing Irene Adler!

Additionally, not to leave anyone out of the loop, this originates from a couple of comments from my readers, so I hope this makes everyone just a bit happier. :)

And finally, how could we forget Co-Ed Magazine's daily snapshot?

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Wednesday...a Day of Random Posting

Today's brief comic strip courtesy of Toothpaste for Dinner web comic. Speaking of great web comics, this one is a great on-going comic, etc. site put out by great people straight from Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Rocket Llama! This is the latest update to the comic.

After last time's blog, I left you with a couple of links to the new Sherlock Holmes movie which contains three of my favorite things in a movie: Guy Ritchie (without Madonna), Sherlock Holmes, and Robert Downey, Jr. This movie is sure to be explosive, and it has reminded me that I have yet to finish the entire Holmes works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which is what I have again picked up to continue (hopefully by December when the movie comes out). It looks to be an exciting movie and show a closer representation of Doyle's Holmes and Watson than films have done in the past.

Additionally, going into the events of life here in Fayetteville, yesterday the wife, our friend, E, and I went to the local game shop, Castlehouse Games, to participate in a small gaming event where about a dozen people showed up to "dungeon delve" into Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. It was pretty fun, but that many geeks/nerds in one place can cause havoc and it did, at least in my mind. I was about to be driven up the wall when we arrived because that many people disturbs me in such close confines. J and C, coworkers from the park, know I get a bit nervous with people a bit too close and when there's nearly 20 of them, wow, I wanted to scream. Instead, though, I simply counted to 23 in my head to calm myself because I really know that it's my lack of social-ness that does that. Hopefully these events will bring me out of my shell a bit so that I can resemble something of a normal human being. Yeah, right! :)

So anyway, that was fun and the wife feels that it was good overall because it is boost the self-esteem of E to get out with some friends and just goof off and laugh. I hope so, but either way it was fun, so not a waste.

In other news, here is a great web comic I came across on Reddit either today or yesterday, don't remember. I always wondered if Vader went through that little monologue...

Lastly, I think I'll just mention a bit about the people of Fayetteville in general. It was really a crazy thing to move up here with very little money, few friends, and only the three cats to keep us cheered up (you know how that goes). We were both worried about settling down up here and worried about the whole transition, but I have to say, two weeks in, and we are enjoying the heck out of the area. We've been to see the lake and the Farmer's Market and various other places, and one thing that has stood out to both the wife and me is the caliber of people up here. For the most part, they are kind, considerate, and well spoken. Now that isn't to say that Arkadelphia was different or worse, but we were simply worried about "fitting in." The people here have enabled us to feel at home a lot faster than we would have otherwise. We joined a couple of forums and those folks have just brought us under their wings and accepted us even knowing how strange we are. So, to the people of the Fayetteville/Springdale area and specifically the NWARPG, Castlehouse, and CWNWA forums, Thank You All!

Cheesy? Maybe. But we wouldn't be enjoying this place without them!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Apparently, this guy is still trying to get somewhere in MMA fighting. Perhaps he and this joke should be locked in a cage together, hmmm?

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Today: Like Any Other Day

So, I always check the "One Minute Writer" blog to check if the prompt inspires me in any particular musing way to write and today's happened to prickle the brain in just such a manner:

"Write about an encounter you had with nature that left you awed, inspired, or overwhelmed."

The goal is to write for one minute about said topic, so here goes (perhaps for more than just a minute): Nature, hmmm, I'm not usually the go-out-and-frolick type person, but I have my moments from time to time and the wife enjoys being outdoors any time she can be. As far as awed, inspired, or overwhelmed, I am reminded of the time, just recently, I was driving up to Fayetteville moving the second load of our belongings along I-40 and then up I-540, and since it had just rained recently for almost two weeks straight, I was overcome by a feeling of just the sheer size and power of the water. It overflowed the banks of many a lake and river and there were several fields which should have been planted but could not because they had been flooded and were now small ponds. The crops would have to wait, and it is likely that some will not yield much of a harvest. It was a moment when you just look around and think, "wow, the forces of nature do not follow any rhyme or reason." There is certainly a thankful heart in my chest because I would rather have the rain than not, but it is humbling to see the destructive power of something so seemingly gentle as water.

So, that's the prompt, and in other news, it has been two weeks now in Fayetteville. My sister and her friend, N, visited us this weekend and following their visit, a friend, E, came over for the afternoon Sunday. We also received a short visit from members of our church here in Fayetteville as it has worldwide congregations. They seemed kind and offered any assistance they were able should we need it. I haven't yet decided whether I wish to return attending church, but that is neither here nor there for this arena. Religion, and spirituality, is best left to be pondered and discussed in the home and in the place of worship. Anywhere else, and it's often simply a point of vanity or egotism.

Well, that's that. As for today's happenings, the wife had her first day of stats: six students, female, and one professor. She enjoyed it but worries too much that she won't understand it. I know she will because she is very alert and receptive. She's great. As far as my day went, I had a bit of a lazy day at home with reading and movies. This evening, we both enjoyed a rousing session of the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Yes, I like to roleplay, and it has been, in my experience, an aid to improving social skills of which I had a fairly limited selection. It has helped in understanding how to speak with people without acting like an arrogant arse and has led to a decrease in foot-in-mouth disease outbreaks. It can be fun with the right group. Try it sometime.

And this should conclude the day's entry. It's late, I'm tired, and I would like to read a bit more
of Virginia Satir
and Sherlock Holmes.

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