Saturday, July 4, 2009

Super Sports Saturday!

Yes, Saturday is now Super Sports Saturday which means I'll cover anything and everything related to sports in some way. I'll do my best to find a great video or article, but sometimes it may simply be the lineup for Sunday's games or the scores from the day.

To kick this off right, and seeing as it is a holiday (Happy Independence Day!), I thought I'd show you a great video of a couple of guys wakeboarding.

Have you ever looked at something and questioned whether or not you could attempt the seemingly impossible or improbable (J, I'm looking at you)? Well these guys looked at a 60-foot yacht and asked the question, "I wonder if we could surf behind know, without ropes..."

They attempted it and succeed in the video below, and for you all who can't see the video, I captured a few still shots.

And here are the still photos. In the first one, it's just a side view of the yacht as it starts out. The second photo shows the two surfers right as they're tossing the pull ropes back on to the yacht. The third and fourth photos both show the two surfers doing what they do best (note in the fourth picture the guy on the left is sipping a Corona while surfing). Sorry the photos are a bit grainy. I assure you the video isn't that bad.