Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belated Word of the Day (Monday): Velleity

Pronunciation: \ve-ˈlē-ə-tē, və-\

Inflected Form(s): plural velleities

Etymology: New Latin velleitas, from Latin velle to wish, will

Date: 1618
Definition: 1: the lowest degree of volition 2: a slight wish or tendency; inclination

This word choice is actually from my wife yesterday. In fact, if you wish to know the whole of it (which, if you're even reading this, I assume you do), the entire "Word of the Day" post decision came via the wife as she always has some random word for each day. As she says, "
Good words like when you show them off and introduce them to new friends." As for the Google Images version of velleity, I happened to find this jewel from someone in or at least visiting Toronto in Canada (just in case there are other Torontos out there - don't want to confuse anyone).