Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Time Away...Update for Today

So, quite a bit has been going on while I've been away, and I must apologize to my readers. I know that some of you look forward to my bit of wackiness and insanity everyday and some of you just wish I would stop I'm sure! Well, after hearing about the mishap and craziness with Little Rock and the State Troopers, I have gone flying around Northwest Arkansas sending emails, faxing resumes, and turning in applications anywhere and everywhere. As of yet, nothing, but it's only been a couple of days. Also, I talked with the lady who would have been my supervisor at the Troop Headquarters up here, and she said that my 2.5 years at DeGray using the small radio there might be enough to get the position up here, but she wouldn't know until she spoke with the Captain who would have to chat with Little Rock. We'll see what happens!

In addition to that run of events, I've been hanging out with the local gamers up here having all sorts of fun and keeping my mind off of the serious depletion of funds and lack of gainful employment. Saturday was Game Day July '09 where a bunch of geeky gamers got together and played various RPGs. It was actually a lot of fun, and I was able to push my character to a spectacular death in a one-shot Call of Cthulhu game: Death at Luxor. It was great! I played a professor from the U. of Chicago by the name of Theodore Ruxpin and we spent a few hours "running" around Egypt to solve a mystery and prevent ancient alien monsters and gods from escaping and destroying the earth. Easy, right? Well, the first character to die did so at the hands of a bartender after giving too much lip.

My character was the next to die as I ate some alien bacteria which was designed to multiply and ooze as a green slime, and it did so from my stomach and out all orifices including eyes and ears and nose! I thought it was great, but to add to it my character decided to go out in a blaze of glory by lighting five sticks of dynamite to blow the tomb closed. I nearly killed the entire party of characters, but the escaped through the sand and sewage. Eww... But have no fear, as the other three characters, two females and a male, ended up fighting a large starspawn alien to their deaths so that the ritual could be completed with their sacrifice and keep the alien at bay for another 100 years. Yep, it was a lot of fun! If you don't roleplay, you might try it!

As for the other gamers, they played a game of Exalted, which I don't really know much about. And a third group played Paranoia XP which is basically what is sounds like. You spend the game paranoid about who's on a mission to kill your six-pack of cloned characters. Yes, death is so rampant in Paranoia that you have not one character, but six! Clones of one another with a hive mentality so that the six know the experiences of one another.

The game is a lot like the movie The Island where you live in a colony run by a computer. The computer knows all, and you're either a Loyalist (to the computer) or a Communist (against the computer) and if the computer finds out the Commies, it executes them. So, it's actually a great mix of paranoid people running around to complete goals and to stay alive. You can even get perversion points for completing goals skillfully or creatively (such as killing an enemy by loaning him your clean room suit that has plastic explosives taped behind the oxygen tank set to explode one minute from then -- yep, stuff like that). It actually reminds me of playing Goldeneye in multiplayer mode! It's got that feel to it!

Anyway, after Game Day was over at 5 on Saturday, we ate and then played a long game of Arkham Horror which is a board game designed around the Cthulhu mythos and the fictional city of Arkham (of Lovecraft origin). It's a game that feels like a mix of Clue, Risk, Stratego, with a bit of roleplay goodness in it. Truly unlike pretty much any other game out there! Lots of fun though, and we lasted until 2 am when the Ancient One "awoke" and devoured us all. Yep, it's fun being should try it some time!

So, that was that. Sunday, we played a one-shot quick start to a new World of Darkness game coming out in August called Geist: The Sin-Eaters. You basically play someone who went to the brink of death, made a pact with a Geist (spirit) and came back to life as a dual-natured person. You have a give-take relationship with your geist, you can interact with ghosts, and in this one-shot we were a group of Sin-Eaters who formed the group The Bronx Saints and we had to chase down a ghost who was re-living and re-enacting the Son of Sam murders to open a gate to the underworld. We were supposed to stop him and did so by destroying his one tie to this world: a .44 revolver. Lots of fun and major kudos to Roy, the Storyteller/GM for this game! He did a superb job of getting through it and with loads of fun!

After that, on Monday, I got cracking with job hunts and resumes! And now it's Wednesday which means I couldn't, under any circumstances, miss posting today. It's the most sought after day of posts with Happy Wednesday which will be coming up here shortly! Thanks for reading! Good day.