Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, Long Time No Blog

So, Circuit City is closing down the remainder of its U.S. stores, and they recently started their liquidation, trying to get rid of a lot before closing shop for good. Now, when I first heard about this, I thought, ooh, they aren't going to get rid of much because of the shape the economy is in. Well, my fellow Americans have surprised me and astounded me. One might think that because the economy is cinching the belt on spending and loans and even causing the loss of jobs, citizens wouldn't go crazy like this but there has been just a lack of intelligent decisions at Circuit City stores around the nation. One man might have 5 LCD displays, another might have 2 or 3 DVD players, etc. Really guys?! May we all have a bit more common sense this coming year, especially President Obama.

But, some may say I'm being too harsh. Let's give this some thought then. Perhaps this may actually do the economy some good. I know Obama is wanting another stimulus plan, so perhaps consumers spending more will boost the economy. Perhaps all of this mishap from Circuit City will be the start of a good turn around, but what I think will actually happen is that these people will buy these electronics and have little money to "consume" other products. This will just lead to even more cinching of consumers' belts. Let's hope this economy will turn around. It's been done before.

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