Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Sports Saturday: Shoot a Handgun

I came across this article detailing some great pointers on how to use a handgun and shoot well. I thought I would detail a few of the high points here, but you should definitely read Massad Ayoob's full article which is not very long.

In short, to successfully fire a handgun fairly well and accurately, one should follow these guidelines:

1.) Use the proper stance which Mr. Ayoob calls the "Power Stance."

2.) Use a high hand grasp.

3.) Use a firm grip to hold the handgun.

4.) After identifying your target, focus on the gun's front sight.

5.) Finally, squeeze or "roll" the trigger.

That's it in five simple steps. After all, it's champion of the combat pistol, Ray Chapman, who said, "shooting well is simple; it just isn't easy."

And to go with this article, I thought that this video would be appropriate. It's a husband/wife tactical pistol team. They're pretty good. Enjoy.