Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday...a Day of Random Posting

Today's brief comic strip courtesy of Toothpaste for Dinner web comic. Speaking of great web comics, this one is a great on-going comic, etc. site put out by great people straight from Arkadelphia, Arkansas: Rocket Llama! This is the latest update to the comic.

After last time's blog, I left you with a couple of links to the new Sherlock Holmes movie which contains three of my favorite things in a movie: Guy Ritchie (without Madonna), Sherlock Holmes, and Robert Downey, Jr. This movie is sure to be explosive, and it has reminded me that I have yet to finish the entire Holmes works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which is what I have again picked up to continue (hopefully by December when the movie comes out). It looks to be an exciting movie and show a closer representation of Doyle's Holmes and Watson than films have done in the past.

Additionally, going into the events of life here in Fayetteville, yesterday the wife, our friend, E, and I went to the local game shop, Castlehouse Games, to participate in a small gaming event where about a dozen people showed up to "dungeon delve" into Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. It was pretty fun, but that many geeks/nerds in one place can cause havoc and it did, at least in my mind. I was about to be driven up the wall when we arrived because that many people disturbs me in such close confines. J and C, coworkers from the park, know I get a bit nervous with people a bit too close and when there's nearly 20 of them, wow, I wanted to scream. Instead, though, I simply counted to 23 in my head to calm myself because I really know that it's my lack of social-ness that does that. Hopefully these events will bring me out of my shell a bit so that I can resemble something of a normal human being. Yeah, right! :)

So anyway, that was fun and the wife feels that it was good overall because it is boost the self-esteem of E to get out with some friends and just goof off and laugh. I hope so, but either way it was fun, so not a waste.

In other news, here is a great web comic I came across on Reddit either today or yesterday, don't remember. I always wondered if Vader went through that little monologue...

Lastly, I think I'll just mention a bit about the people of Fayetteville in general. It was really a crazy thing to move up here with very little money, few friends, and only the three cats to keep us cheered up (you know how that goes). We were both worried about settling down up here and worried about the whole transition, but I have to say, two weeks in, and we are enjoying the heck out of the area. We've been to see the lake and the Farmer's Market and various other places, and one thing that has stood out to both the wife and me is the caliber of people up here. For the most part, they are kind, considerate, and well spoken. Now that isn't to say that Arkadelphia was different or worse, but we were simply worried about "fitting in." The people here have enabled us to feel at home a lot faster than we would have otherwise. We joined a couple of forums and those folks have just brought us under their wings and accepted us even knowing how strange we are. So, to the people of the Fayetteville/Springdale area and specifically the NWARPG, Castlehouse, and CWNWA forums, Thank You All!

Cheesy? Maybe. But we wouldn't be enjoying this place without them!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Apparently, this guy is still trying to get somewhere in MMA fighting. Perhaps he and this joke should be locked in a cage together, hmmm?


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Your blog would much more interesting if it had pictures of boobs

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