Friday, June 26, 2009

Grrr-ing in the Land

:Begin Rant:

So, the wife and I have moved to Fayetteville. She has started school, and I have officially found a job but unofficially it hasn't quite started. This has been a month since we have moved up here, and frankly, I'm getting more and more nervous. There are bills beginning to hit us, and money is on short order. Not only that, but it is summer and a new city. There is much fun to be had, and we are unable to take advantage of said fun. More importantly though, money is needed to pay bills and if this job doesn't start soon, I'm not sure what I'll do (besides rip my hair out from going stir-crazy).

I love this place, and a lot of the people here have been helpful, open and accepting to the wife and me. I really appreciate that, but I need a job. Really, I'm the type of person that enjoys being at work in spite of everything. It gives me added purpose and fuels my need to be the "responsible breadwinner." I know that there is a lot more to life, but that "lot more" starts looking bleak when viewing it with no funds available. Yeah, yeah, I know, suck it up. I will and I know things will get better. There is a lot worse out there; I'm just frustrated due to the hurry-up-and-wait-ness of it all.

And while I know that there is a great job waiting on me, the state of Arkansas sure does take it's sweet time in shuffling papers and approving forms! It has nothing to do with the local office up here...they've been great in answering my calls and reassuring me the job is still mine. Heck, they need me to start as much as I want to start! The red tape in Little Rock is holding it up though! If anyone from Little Rock is reading this: Please, rush that paperwork so I can start working!

:End Rant: