Sunday, June 14, 2009

More from Reddit and Twitter.

Apparently, as noted in the last post, I can find just about anything from reddit, but this is on more of a somber topic: Iran. Now, I'm not here to rant this time. Take it for what you will; whether we should care or not about the voting, democracy is unstable at best sometimes. Especially in Iran, but it is refreshing to see that even when you disagree with someone or some group, there are some people who keep a mind open and actually show compassion. This is perhaps, one of the more sobering pictures from the Iran voting violence. I originally found it at The Daily Dish, though I repost it here for my few readers to see. The man in black is riot officer who is obviously worn out and the man in green, his protector, is one of the rioters. Obviously he has enough humanity in him to make sure the cop is taken from harms way as he can barely hold himself up.