Sunday, June 14, 2009

The AMA vs. Congress, etc.

There have been a myriad of articles and blogs regarding the AMA and their impact on national health care recently revving up for the meeting in Chicago this Monday, but these two are some of the better ones, but I have included several for your reading pleasure.

I am still withholding my opinion about it all until I actually hear what the president and Congress offer as a public option. I will say this: the big opponent to this will not be physicians, it will be the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. There's big money being made there, the guys in charge are not going to accept change easily, so voice your opinions now and often to allow your senators and representatives to know what we want. In essence, speak now or forever hold you peace.

One thing is certain, though, this is going to be a complex and messy battle. I understand where the AMA is coming from, but I also understand this country needs a public option. Let's hope there is a good and productive compromise which will offer real changes and affordable healthcare for many more Americans.