Monday, June 1, 2009

Today: Like Any Other Day

So, I always check the "One Minute Writer" blog to check if the prompt inspires me in any particular musing way to write and today's happened to prickle the brain in just such a manner:

"Write about an encounter you had with nature that left you awed, inspired, or overwhelmed."

The goal is to write for one minute about said topic, so here goes (perhaps for more than just a minute): Nature, hmmm, I'm not usually the go-out-and-frolick type person, but I have my moments from time to time and the wife enjoys being outdoors any time she can be. As far as awed, inspired, or overwhelmed, I am reminded of the time, just recently, I was driving up to Fayetteville moving the second load of our belongings along I-40 and then up I-540, and since it had just rained recently for almost two weeks straight, I was overcome by a feeling of just the sheer size and power of the water. It overflowed the banks of many a lake and river and there were several fields which should have been planted but could not because they had been flooded and were now small ponds. The crops would have to wait, and it is likely that some will not yield much of a harvest. It was a moment when you just look around and think, "wow, the forces of nature do not follow any rhyme or reason." There is certainly a thankful heart in my chest because I would rather have the rain than not, but it is humbling to see the destructive power of something so seemingly gentle as water.

So, that's the prompt, and in other news, it has been two weeks now in Fayetteville. My sister and her friend, N, visited us this weekend and following their visit, a friend, E, came over for the afternoon Sunday. We also received a short visit from members of our church here in Fayetteville as it has worldwide congregations. They seemed kind and offered any assistance they were able should we need it. I haven't yet decided whether I wish to return attending church, but that is neither here nor there for this arena. Religion, and spirituality, is best left to be pondered and discussed in the home and in the place of worship. Anywhere else, and it's often simply a point of vanity or egotism.

Well, that's that. As for today's happenings, the wife had her first day of stats: six students, female, and one professor. She enjoyed it but worries too much that she won't understand it. I know she will because she is very alert and receptive. She's great. As far as my day went, I had a bit of a lazy day at home with reading and movies. This evening, we both enjoyed a rousing session of the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Yes, I like to roleplay, and it has been, in my experience, an aid to improving social skills of which I had a fairly limited selection. It has helped in understanding how to speak with people without acting like an arrogant arse and has led to a decrease in foot-in-mouth disease outbreaks. It can be fun with the right group. Try it sometime.

And this should conclude the day's entry. It's late, I'm tired, and I would like to read a bit more
of Virginia Satir
and Sherlock Holmes.