Monday, June 29, 2009

Yet Another One-Minute Write-Up

Writing Prompt: "Think about the most attractive person you know. What is it that makes them so attractive to you?"

Being married, most men are going to go with the obligatory "wife" answer and state reasons for why they love their spouses. Well, who am I to go against the majority? But the reason I choose my wife for this post is that she really is the person I find most attractive. This is the cue to begin mushy-ness.

The reason I find my wife most attractive is because she's awesome (in that Eddie Izzard, "one hundred billion hot dogs" awesomeness)!! She is extremely intelligent and has a wit to rival many, but most of all I find her attractive because I can be myself around her. She doesn't judge and she feels at home with me (which is really good considering we're married and everything--that's a bit hard to get over I hear).

Seriously, she may be intelligent, witty, beautiful, and a great cook/seamstress/etc., but it is her ability to allow me to let loose my stress and frustration with the world in her presence that makes her most attractive. For those of you who haven't found that special someone, here's a tidbit from me: don't look for that "Love at First Sight" or "Soulmate" bunk, but do find someone who will be your friend and allow you to be yourself always. That's the ticket to happiness in marriage and boy howdy am I a happy man!!

*Edit: For those of you not familiar with the Eddie Izzard reference, I've now included a short video: