Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Therapeutic Tuesday: California and TED Talks

The wife actually brought this article to my attention last week, but I was a bit distracted last Tuesday. So, I bring it to you today. She really is a spectacular and brilliant person, my wife. She is constantly bringing new and different ideas up and shares every last one of them with me, so I try to make sure that she gets credit where it is certainly due. Thanks babe!

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff, right? Right. California. It became the 50th (or last) state of the United States to officially license professional counselors. Until now, it had been the duty of psychologists and psychiatrists to provide care for the mental health of the state of California, but now there can be a new addition to that team (and I would add a welcome addition at that). There actually wasn't much of an article that went out about this. Just a Senate Bill (788) and this little blurb on the website for the California Coalition for Counselor Licensure (or CCCL):

After seven years and three bills, CCCL is proud to announce that its third bill has been approved by California’s Legislature and signed into law by its Governor. This would not have been possible without the dedicated counselors and graduate students throughout the state, and the state and national organizations that support professional counseling.
So chalk one up to coalitions. This next bit is one of the superb videos from the TED Talks. It is Julian Treasure showing how sound can affect us humans in four different ways. He details the real importances of taking care of our hearing. I didn't realize, as he says, that our bandwidth to receive auditory information is so limited. It, like a lot of the other TED Talks, really is superb.

Thanks to the Geeks are Sexy blog for putting this video in front of my view.