Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh the Memories!

Apparently the students at Memorial High School touched a nerve with this shirt. I can't see why, I think it speaks to the students' creativity, right?!

It seems that the Memorial-Stratford rivalry only brings out the best in both sides, but I have to give the students at Memorial two points for the win with that shirt design. Wow! And according to the site Jezebel, this image was sent to Feminist Law Professors by an "'anonymous and concerned parent.' [Feminist Law Professors]"

Below is "another artifact from the same rivalry" [Feminist Law Professors] found in the comment section at Jezebel. I find it fascinating that these shirts have been allowed to continue for several years and are just now being questioned. What? Is one horse acceptable, but you draw the line when they start double teaming the cheerleader?! Wow...just amazing.