Thursday, October 22, 2009

Techknow Thursday, Part 2: CarGo

From designer Adam Schacter via Geek Civilization Online comes this brilliant bit of conceptual design. It's termed the CarGo, and it may help solve a lot of inner city problems with delivery trucks and traffic. It really is a terrific concept!

The CarGo has room for a single occupant and the rear half of the vehicle can reconfigure based on the needs of the driver and the contents which are to be delivered. It accomplishes this with changeable axles and an extendable wheel base which can accomodate various types of deliveries and various types of traffic. Additionally, there is a telescopic tilt which allows the CarGo handle much like a motorcycle or commuter car and allows it to handle corners well.

According to Geek Civilization, the car has three configurations:

Compact mode – for traveling in normal city traffic and for ease of parking.

Narrow mode – for maneuvering in and out of heavy traffic.

Pick-up truck mode – the wheels are extended out for a better stability.

I look forward to seeing the CarGo take over cities across the world as a standard electric commuter car/delivery truck!