Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Writing Prompt for Today:
What would you tell an 18-year-old American to encourage them to vote today?

Vote. Vote from your heart. Don't listen to anyone else around you. Don't mind the nay-sayers or discriminators. Do it for yourself. After all, the next four years are in your hands today. Make sense of the mud slinging and name calling and catch phrases, and then go and cast your ballot.

Conspiracies are for those with little hope and lots of time. I have no real need for them whether they exist or not. The best part about voting is that you feel like you personally are making a difference in the world. Regardless of the outcome, by voting you showed you believed in the system. A system which is not perfect but can be fixed. It needs help, and citizens everywhere are starting today.

So, pick your clothes, wash up, and get yourself to yonder voting station. You'll be glad you did. And relax, the older people there really aren't that frightening.