Friday, November 7, 2008

Scary, scary Virus.

Okay. Enough of the sentimental for now. I came across this at Digg, so I thought I would share the wealth:

images from here and here

Apparently, this guy had one of the most unfortunate cases of a computer virus known to man. I dub it, as did another forum poster, the Miley Cyrus Virus. Whatever inspired the evil genius/bastard to do this, we may never know, but one thing is certain: it is pure evil enjoyment. The virus doesn't do much in the way of malicious damage to one's computer. All it does is disable headphone usage and play Ms. Cyrus song See You Again (thanks YouTubers) over and over on a loop as Vista starts up (after you log in). Insanity and unsanitary thoughts soon grow more numerous than fangirls at a Twilight premiere. Sheesh. I'm glad this hasn't happened to me (and, knock on wood, may it never). So, to the poor soul who may have to end up re-installing Windows: Get a better antivirus or go back to XP. We don't need this thing spreading. For the sake of humanity, kill it off now!