Saturday, November 29, 2008

Battle of the Boot.

Arkansas 31, LSU 30

Okay, Arkansas hasn't been the greatest team this year and aren't going to a bowl this year, but the Battle of the Boot is always important to Arkansas and LSU, even if it solely a matter of pride. As I was listening to the game last night with Casey Dick's wild 4th down pass play turn to a touchdown pass to London Crawford, I was elated that the "Boot" would stay with Arkansas for another year. The play call was definitely questionable with only 4th and inches, but Dick showed that he knew his teammate's capability. After that touchdown, the announcers began talking about MVPs of the game, and I would have to give the game ball to the Arkansas defense. They really stepped it up in the second half and were able to give the offense a chance to get back in the game and ultimately win. Good job, guys! Congrats on the win!


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