Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Few Strangeties All Tied Together

1. Did you know that Joaquin Phoenix is retiring?

Yep, news has it that the man who has embodied Commodus, Lucius Hunt, and even the late great Johnny Cash is putting away his acting shoes and opening up his guitar case. You can read all about it by following the link above, but I cannot wait to hear his first CD. I really enjoyed both him and Ms. Witherspoon in Walk the Line, and he should be able to produce some decent music.

2. Speaking of tunes, I'm sure Phillies fans will be humming one for a few more days thanks to last night's Game 5 win over the Rays.

Too much man lovin' for me. Just kidding. Seriously, I personally do not watch a lot of baseball, and like many people did not catch a second of live World Series television. I feel a bit less American, sure, but neither the Phillies nor the Rays inspire me to watch baseball. Sorry guys, but congrats to the Phillies for a big win.

3. And since we're on the topic of nightmares: tomorrow is Halloween. Yay! Costumes, candy, and crazies! I enjoy Halloween, but it isn't my favorite holiday much to the dismay of the wife who absolutely goes fanatic over this Hallow's Eve business. I enjoy it with her, but not as outgoing and fun. But, to celebrate, here are 13 really frightening horror movie scenes (NSFW or kids): Enjoy!