Saturday, August 15, 2009

WTF! Fridays

How is it that I always find these stories on news websites from the U.K. before I see it from a U.S. news source (and sometimes I only see it from the U.K. sources)? Either way, the picture below is the Mall of the Americas in Miami, FL. It looks like a nice enough place, and there seems to be a certain charm running about the place, right?

Who would have thought then that this mall would be the tragic location where a 43-year-old woman chose to set herself aflame. For roughly three minutes, shoppers watched in horror as the woman lit fire to herself, eventually suffering major third degree burns on over three quarters of her body as she walked around. Three others received minor injuries trying to aid in putting out the fire.

Of course this was a horrible incident, and I could never imagine becoming so desperate or depressed to do something like this to myself. However, I understand where she or someone else like her might come from...loneliness, depression, or self-loathing is not an easy topic to deal with on a personal level. In fact, many times, the very people we talk to and see on a daily basis may suffer quietly, not wanting to burden others.

But you see, that is exactly what friends and loved ones are for. Those are the few people with who you can be yourself. You can moan and groan and complain to them when no one else would want to listen. So, next time you're talking with someone, be a bit more sympathetic and smile or go a bit out of your way to show a small bit of kindness.


Anonymous said...

I never thought about setting myself on fire until reading this post. Thanks for the inspiration! Look for my story coming soon to a UK news article.