Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Few WTF Moments for an Extra WTF Friday!

Wow, apparently there were a couple of other things that decided to come across my desk and computer that literally beg to be shared with you. This first is a video of an Asian gentleman playing the bass guitar to a strange song in an equally peculiar outfit. You might just laugh a bit.


This next bit of WTF content isn't designed so much for entertainment, but I couldn't help letting out a small "heh" when I read it. You see, Circuit City may have gone up and bust, but those guys will get their settlement money any way possible, and this includes giving up the information on their some 30 million customers. The contact information for these customers is being sold to the highest bidder in an auction along with the company's other intellectual property including their brand firedog.

So what's included in this information on the customers? Apparently it's "essentially a mailing list" of all their past customers. If you ever filled out a form or gave your name and phone number, you're probably on the list. Ah well, with all the big brother junk going on and the increasing lack of privacy, this is just another link in the ever tightening chain. What's one more link right?


Guitar Arbitrage System said...

Haha. Thank you for sharing this! I had fun.