Friday, August 14, 2009

Techknow Thursday!

Before getting to the main topic for Thursdays, I briefly wanted to mention that the Fayetteville Public Library is a pretty amazing library! It has a fantastic selection of books (new and old), a massive Audio Book/music CD collection, and it has a pretty good foreign films selection. I was also surprised to find that they are fairly on top of the technology realm as they have a nice selection of computer labs for children and adults, and they even offer up a sizeable Blue-Ray movie collection. It's a great place to go whether for research or leisure, and for a large college town, I'm surprised to find such a public library seeing how the University already has a fairly large library itself.

Sorry about the rambling, but I should think that some of you might like to hear that there is a great public option for books and other media in a college town as opposed to Arkadelphia which severely lacks options for the public off-campus.

Now on to our great tech or science find of the day! This actually is nothing great and upcoming in technology, but I saw it and thought Awesome!, so I'm sharing with the whole class! Apparently the awesome guys at Orange County Choppers are coming into the 21st century by creating the first custom electric chopper! I've included a picture below.