Saturday, August 16, 2008

To start things off, my co-worker, Josh, decided to send me a lovely picture as a blog-warming gift. Here he is in all his glory. World meet Josh. Josh meet the World. This will be all for now as I must sadly get back to work .

So, besides that, I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Seth, and I'm a happily married 25 year old guy. I currently attend Henderson State University, a small Liberal Arts university in Southwest Arkansas, where I am working on a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Upon completion of that degree, I hope to enter into UAMS, the medical school here in Arkansas and work towards an MD with focus on psychiatry.

I have a wonderful wife, Helen, who is the light of my life and couldn' t be a better wife if she tried. She's awesome! She has her B.A. in Psychology and is currently finishing up her Master's in Community Counseling and become an LPC (licensed counselor). We have been married a little over three years and are still cheesy - acting like newlyweds. It's great!

This blog is my current attempt to keep some semblance of a journal...a recording, if you will, of the mundane-ness which is my life. If it weren't for the wife, life for me would be a lot less exciting. Anyway, this will be it for now. I really must return to doing some work.


Anonymous said...

oh my god i am a 19 year old sweedish supermodel and i must say that this josh is the hottest piece of eye candy I have ever seen please god tell me that there will be much more of josh in your blog

Darc_Oso said...

Unfortunately, Josh will probably be a one-time exclusive. Sorry, but feel free to save the picture for whenever you need some Josh.