Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Collegeland and Happiness

So, this week marks the beginning of yet another year at Henderson State University, and I am actually excited for my classes. I start out with Logic and Argument and proceed to science and math with Physics, Organic Chemistry, and Precalculus (took Calculus in High School, but not quite brave enough to traverse it here just yet; that'll be next semester). The crazy thing is, most people cringe at the thought of these classes, and maybe I ought to, but I think the difficulty of any subject is 90% a mental block. If I think "I can do this," then, with a little luck, lots of studying, and perhaps a few d20 rolls, I'll do well, right? Right.

On another fantastic note, I've decided that if one is to enter med school, one should at least try his best to live a healthier life. I have struggled with being over weight all my life, and while I'm my own worst enemy, with the help of Calorie Count, my wife and I are turning over a new leaf. We have started working out at least three times a week to a Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser video, and once the school pool opens, we'll be swimming two or three times a week. My biggest problem. The accursed lure of that sweet and sticky beverage: Mt. Dew. Yes that same drink which has long been venerated as the drink of the gods will lead to my downfall if I let it. So, it is with sad departure and a great wailing and gnashing of teeth that I will leave that beautiful green ambrosia behind as of this week. It will be hard, and take an iron will (or at least reinforced aluminum), but I can do it. Yes! I will be victorious and break my chains...err, I mean, there is no emotion, there is peace. :)

So there you have it. I wish all in school best of luck with their studies as I hope to have in mine. And remember, read the books before questioning the professor. It's rough otherwise.