Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free RPG Game Day 2010!

Since I've been up here in the grand land of Fayetteville (Northwest Arkansas), I have made some contacts and friends up at the hobby/gaming store Castlehouse Games. While gaming and buying board games, books, and dice (always need more dice), I have spoken off and on and even gamed with the owner Chris. He's a great guy and truly has a passion for games of any flavor. On top of that, he knows his stuff and can answer most questions or find the answer (suprising how many store owners don't care enough to do that). Anyway, Chris is not without his faults, but he's new to retail and is learning along the way a very steep learning curve.

I mention him only to say that I have recently approached him about Free RPG day and I am excited that he has ordered supplies and we are all set for Free RPG Day 2010 at Castlehouse! If you're reading this and are going to be in the Fayetteville area on June 19, 2010, then stop by the store and get something free!