Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inmates Save Guard: A Lesson in Respect

From CNN comes an article that really struck me as evidence of one of those sort of "life truths," so to speak. I know that many of you probably know I volunteered for two years on a mission for my church, and one of the things that I learned while out there is a truth I owe to a firefighter, naturalist, and friend.

He sort of opened my narrow view up to the idea that there's more out there. Additionally, he used the animals he worked with to exemplify the idea that everything needs and deserves respect. That respect takes many different forms from close friendship for some to simply an awareness to stay away for a time.

I have a hard time sometimes explaining this point, but I believe strongly in showing everyone respect regardless of station or creed. This story shows the truth behind that. From CNN:

Hillsborough County, Florida, Deputy Kenneth Moon was alone at his station at a county jail facility near Tampa when an inmate attacked him with no warning.

Moon, 64, was no match for Douglas Burden, 24, in custody on various drug charges. With Moon still in his chair, Burden put him in a choke hold and pulled tight.

And then, surveillance video of the Monday attack showed, other inmates jumped into the fray.

They jumped in, but not to help Burden. Instead, the inmates knocked him down, called to more guards for backup to Moon, and immobilized Burden until the reinforcements arrived. Col. James Previtera said that this just shows the respect shared between inmates and guards, and I believe it. I really enjoyed this story and hope you will also. The surveillance video is below.